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EaP Civic Tech Ideathon

26-28 January 2024, Chisinau, Moldova

MindfulTrails.app is well-being application that transforms your outdoor activities into a gamified well-being journey.

Gamers struggle with responsible gaming habits!
Individuals seek ways to balance screen time with outdoor activities!
Communities need tools for promoting well-being!

How Mindful Trails Works
Experiential Learning: The application provides a series of engaging missions that integrate with your outdoor adventures. As you navigate through trails, each mission introduces new destinations and tasks, encouraging exploration and discovery.
Reflective Sessions: Deepen your connection through reflective sessions. These sessions help reflect on outdoor experiences, fostering a profound understanding of personal growth and well-being journey.

Goga Surguladze

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Explore our engaging workshops that focus on practical skills and meaningful experiences.

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Revealing Team Dynamics, Lithuania 11/2023

In a distinctive team-building workshop, participants were divided into four groups tasked with planning a real party. Little did they know, hidden challenges were woven into the task: one member subtly targeted another, another forcefully criticized ideas, and a third generated excessive input.

As the parties materialized, the concealed challenges were revealed, sparking reflection on real-life dynamics. The debrief turned into a discussion on navigating complex interpersonal relationships, leaving participants with a memorable and insightful experience in understanding group dynamics.

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Digital Skills for Youth Workers, Hungary, 10/2023

Story: The Wilderness Adventure Project
You are a youth worker tasked with creating an outdoor program for a group of young learners. The goal is to provide them with hands-on experiences and valuable life skills through interaction with nature. You have: a beautiful forested area, complete with hiking trails, a small river, a diverse ecosystem.

  1. Why is it important for the young learners to acquire outdoor skills in nature?
  2. Decide which skills are the most important for safety and enjoyment?
  3. Identify Stakeholders: Recognize stakeholders who can support your project (environmental experts, outdoor gear suppliers).
  4. Create a visual map: of the various outdoor skills and experiences that can be part of the wilderness adventure.
  5. Recognize any gaps in expertise, equipment, or resources: within your team that need to be addressed for a successful program.

Transnational Training and Cooperation

Explore our transnational training experiences that foster cooperation and collaboration.

Flash workshops in Konstancin-Jeziorna, Poland, 2017

The project was hosted by the Polish National Agency of ERASMUS+ Programme. Main content included the presentation of the organization, intercultural learning, partnership building, development of project ideas, and workshops on project management.

Competence Areas

Explore our diverse competence areas that empower individuals with the skills and knowledge they need.

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Social Empowerment

Our programs focus on social empowerment by fostering a sense of community, inclusivity, and collaboration. We believe that empowered individuals contribute to a stronger and more supportive society.

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Educational Excellence

We are dedicated to promoting educational excellence through innovative teaching methods, skill development, and educational resources. Our goal is to empower learners to achieve their full potential.

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Youth Workers' Competence Model

Explore the Youth Workers' Competence Model and enhance your skills in youth work. Visit here for more details.

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Trainers' Competence Development

Discover the Trainers' Competence Development and elevate your training skills. Visit here for more information.